About Us

Thanks & Acknowledgements

Our dedicated team works hard to bring you the Creole resources available through HaitiHub, but we would like to take a moment to gratefully acknowledge the support of a few leading individuals from the Kreyòl-movement who have generously lent HaitiHub a hand in a variety of ways over the years. For their support, feedback, and input, and for making HaitiHub a better resource for our learners, we are thankful.

Mandaly Louis-Charles

Thank you to Mandaly Louis-Charles, for coming alongside HaitiHub from the very beginning to help pilot our materials as a Creole Skype-instructor in 2011, and for helping with the development of our resources for our intermediate and advanced learners. The sweetcoconuts blog is a huge blessing to anyone trying to learn Creole, and a wonderful resource for us as well! Mèsi anpil zanmi nou!


Wally Turnbull

Thank you to Wally Turnbull, the success of our system rests perhaps nowhere more strongly than on the collaboration built between Creole Made Easy and HaitiHub. Thank you for welcoming us into the Durham area, and for being one of our regular go-to’s. CME showed us how it’s done, and your help keeps us going!


Jacques Pierre

Thank you to Professor Jacques Pierre for the time spent looking over the rough drafts of some of our material, and for inviting us into your classroom at Duke University. The insights you’ve freely shared from your expertise and accomplishment as a Creole educator have strengthened our program and teaching significantly.


Michel DeGraff

Thank you to Dr. Michel DeGraff for generously giving of your time to help clarify some of the more challenging aspects of the language for us. Your expertise and explanations, as well as overall feedback, are very much appreciated.

(As a disclaimer – we’d like to point out that none of these individuals have proofed our site – any outstanding typos or errors are on HaitiHub and do not in any way reflect on their expertise. Mèsi!)

Meet our Founder!

Bonjou! Sak pase? My name is Carlo and I founded HaitiHub after living and working in Haiti as a long-term volunteer. The people I met changed my life. The work I did inspires me every day. The food I ate (griyo, akra, lalo!) makes me look forward now to every next trip back to the island (or at least to Florida). But I know that all of it – the deep relationships and experiences – would have been impossible without Haitian Creole. If you want to truly help in Haiti, learn the language and then get to know people. If you want to have the most memorable vacation ever in Haiti, learn the language and then get to know the merchants in the streets. If you want to stun everyone at your family reunion and make the piklez fall out of their mouths, learn the language and then really get to know your grandma. I promise you it’s worth it.

Who We Are:

We are an online language learning resource (click here to get started!) created in partnership with some of the most effective Creole educators in the field (including the authors and publishers of Creole Made Easy and the author of the Sweet Coconuts educational blog).

We are a growing network of nearly two-thousand Creole language learners.


We are a coordination tool encouraging individuals and organizations to communicate with each other, share domain knowledge, streamline efforts, and help one another do the work they do better.


We are a team that is passionate about the potential that language has to create, build, and sustain relationships.

Our Vision:

Our short term goal is to teach the Haitian Creole language to volunteers, development staff, and U.S.-based professionals who work with Haitian populations. We do this by providing the highest quality learning resources available anywhere.

Our long term goal is to leverage the power of language to affect a larger shift in the way humanitarian aid is done in Haiti.

Ann travay ansanm!

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