HaitiHub’s Privacy Policy

This HaitiHub Privacy Policy explains how your information is collected and used.  It may be updated occasionally by HaitiHub. HaitiHub will provide notice of substantially significant changes to this privacy policy by posting notice on our website.

Protecting Your Privacy

  • We don’t use any kind of commercial ads (banner ads, pop-ups, etc).
  • We don’t share your information with third parties for marketing purposes.
  • We don’t employ tracking devices for marketing purposes ("cookies")
  • We don’t send you unsolicited communications for marketing purposes.
  • Your account information is password-protected. Keep your password safe.

Data We Collect and Store

  • We collect and store students’ and teachers’ email addresses in order to communicate with them regarding HaitiHub activities only.
  • We collect and store students’ and teachers’ Skype names in order to hold conversation classes on Skype.
  • We collect and store students’ and teachers’ basic information (city, involvement in Haiti, affiliated organizations) for posting on the HaitiHub map.
  • All email addresses, Skype names, and basic information in the HaitiHub databases have been provided knowingly and voluntarily by the individuals themselves.

Privacy Policy for HaitiHub Teachers

  • All HaitiHub Teachers must sign a privacy agreement before they can teach any classes.
  • This agreement states that it is against HaitiHub’s policies to share student information of any kind with any person or entity, private or commercial, outside of HaitiHub Administrators.
  • It is against HaitiHub policies to use student information of any kind for purposes other than HaitiHub activities that directly advance its mission.
  • HaitiHub will immediately end its relationship with any HaitiHub teacher found in violation of his/her signed privacy agreement.
  • If you, as a HaitiHub student, feel that your information has been shared outside of HaitiHub or otherwise misused, please contact the HaitiHub Administrators at

~ Last updated Aug 28, 2010 ~

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