No “group” – I have regular, ongoing waves of a few people at a time that need to learn
Perfect For:
  • Volunteer Coordinators with non-profits that send volunteers to Haiti regularly
  • Study Abroad offices or Service Learning offices that send students each semester

Regular waves of a Few Learners

No "group" - I have regular, ongoing waves
of a few people at a time who need to learn

I came back from my first trip to Haiti and then discovered HaitiHub and it was fantastic! I can’t imagine a better way to teach Creole. I was struck that after a couple lessons I could make sentences!

Support from HaitiHub:
  • Skype training workshop with HaitiHub so that you understand how to manage your ongoing waves from the Group Admin Dashboard
  • Best Practices for organizing Independent Study
Click here and you’ll be able to:
  1. Create your Group Admin profile.
  2. Sign up your group
  3. Purchase access for 5 - 30 people
  4. Grant access to your teammates and start learning!
REMEMBER! You, as the group Admin, get full HaitiHub access and the Creole Made Easy textbook for FREE. Take this into consideration when choosing the size of your group.