HaitiHub Reviews and Testimonials

This is a fabulous course. My intention was to learn a few basic things, for an upcoming trip to Haiti in February. The course is so well done that I’m now keen to try and be a little more functional when I go. I will have a translator for my trip, but I’d love to have a bit of the language, so when I meet the two girls I sponsor there, they can teach me 🙂 First trip to Haiti.

-Sylvia E., British Columbia

I just as well wanted to say thank you to Haiti Hub for an excellent learning platform. I am impressed. And at almost 60 (next month) I’m learning this at a pace that I’m very encouraged by. Well done. I’ve suggested Haiti Hub to our church team as well that are traveling to Haiti.

-Bill B., Volunteer

If your high school foreign language classes didn’t go so well, never fear. The Haiti Hub module system is fun and interactive! If you want to speak Kreyol, you CAN DO IT! Come join us!

-Aslan N., Co-Founder Empower Haiti Together

Everything I’ve encountered since joining HaitiHub this week has made my heart sing!  The online lessons, your generosity with answering my questions, the tone of your message…..all of this and more really convey a genuine and joyful spirit of wanting us to learn and join the world of Haitian Creole speakers.  I spent one week in Haiti in June (in anticipation of a return in March) and found that same spirit among the people I was with.  They were thrilled as I stumbled through my first words “ki jan ou ye?” and the responses.  I feel that same genuine desire for us to learn in what I’ve experienced in just my first few days with HaitiHub.  Mesi anpil!

-Jackie C., Volunteer

Thanks HaitiHub, learning the language makes such a difference! I found out there is a Haitian church 2 hrs from where I live in Maryland. Since I’ve been working on translating some worship songs into creole for an upcoming trip, I thought I’d get in touch with the Haitian pastor and see if he would be willing to meet and “check my translations”. He called me back today and said, “hello, how are you?” When I answered in creole and asked how he was…he was Sooo excited and said, “YOU SPEAK MY LANGUAGE!?” We continued to talk in creole a bit then he said, “I would like to bring my wife to meet you too! I’m so glad to meet you!” We are meeting tomorrow for what I hope will be a lasting friendship. Thanks again for the bridge to friendship!

-Debbie M.W., Alex’s House Orphanage

I took one course first, and although it helped get me rolling I felt something was missing. I then took Haiti Hub and it surpassed my expectations. The material is presented brilliantly, making it easily accessible, self-paced and confidence building. The personal contact via Skype was the icing on the cake, that made me feel so well taken care of, and the willingness to answer minor questions via email was awesome as well. What a great way to lay a foundation for a new language!

– Tod S., Safe School Design

When I moved [to Haiti] full time in 2012 I would carry around an English to Creole dictionary with me and constantly looked up words in daily conversation and repeat them to my self until I finally memorized them. When I discovered Haiti Hub everything changed. Now I not only knew how to say a person, place, or thing, I could actually form sentences. This rocked my world.

I loved shopping on the streets and going to local restos testing my Creole and surprising the locals. I would have to say that imagining my life in Haiti long term WITHOUT knowing Creole seems incredibly challenging.

Learning the language has changed my life. All my co-workers are Haitian, my friends are Haitian, my neighbors, everyone. How could I possibly live in a country with out being able to communicate with those around me? I am way too much of an extravert to keep quiet. LOL. I wanted to understand the culture around me and learn, learning the language was the next logical step.

– Callie, Apparent Project

I really love Haitihub! We had two Skype sessions with Carlo Diy, the creator of the program. He is an amazing teacher. I wish we could have Skype sessions every week. I am a retired teacher and reading specialist and I think Carlo is one of the best teachers I have ever had! I will definitely be more effective in Haiti this summer when working with 150 children at a day camp in Croix-des-Bouquets.

– Phyllis A., Retired Reading Specialist, Naples FL

It is motivating and very well thought out and done. It is also a good resource of information for anyone interested in short term missions work in Haiti or for learning more about Haiti, preparations for travel there, and for developing one’s attitude for positive mission ministry. It has far exceeded my expectations of what an introductory language course could do.

– Irvin L., Volunteer

I love Haiti Hub, and while I have yet to complete all my Modules, the amount I did learn helped me on my last visit to Haiti, and has given me the incentive to get cracking on the remainder. Very worthwhile!

– Judy P., Be Like Brit

If you have a short attention span like I do, this is perfect! The lessons are short and exercises are game like quizzes. Make sure to take advantage of the flashcards to practice. I wish they had a smartphone app!

– Bahare K., Freelance Photographer

“I have used a variety of language learning tools over the years for several different languages (Pimsleur and Rosetta Stone, to name two) and now have fortunately found HaitiHub. I think their approach is somewhat unique, easy to use, and gets one up to speed very fast…much faster than the others. The different sections of each module contribute differently to the total learning experience. I highly recommend it.”

– Roy G., HaitiHub Learner

“I have made several trips to Haiti over the last three years and learned some Creole while my Haitian friends have learned English. HaitiHub is providing the tools and community to give me the confidence I need to speak with my friends in my new language.”

– Russ C., Volunteer EMT

“I’ve looked for and bought nearly all Creole resources for the last 10 years and kept waiting for a decent program to come out. This is it! It’s a great combination of teaching you exactly what you need to get you speaking the language. I’ve been self-studying for years and was still happy I purchased the whole program. The price is AMAZING! I don’t know why I held off on going for it for so long!”

– Jen V., Volunteer

“I am a family physician and the medical director of a developing clinic in Port au Prince, Haiti. I have struggled to learn creole with books and tapes. These have been somewhat useful. However, it was not until I was given the opportunity to hear and speak interactively through Haiti Hub that I was able to use the sentence structure, vocabulary and accent correctly. Being a person who has not been gifted with the ability to learn languages, I entered very unsure of myself. The course was not intimidating. In fact it made all other forms of study more meaningful. I have since returned to PaP several times and have pleased my Haitian sponsors, colleagues and patients. I have so much more to learn but having a foundation to build on has been the catalyst I needed. I have been writing and corresponding with my Haitian friends in Creole now and continue to learn daily. Thanks HaitiHub.”

– Dr. Joseph F., M.D.

When I began my ministry in Haiti, one of the first great challenges was learning the language. HaitiHub was very instrumental in getting me on the right path of learning. You can jump in and do your best, knowing that mistakes and mispronunciation are part of the learning process. Whether you’re a beginner or working towards fluency, at HaitiHub, you’ll find a learning community.

– Bill H., Founder & Director, Alex’s House Orphanage

“I was in Haiti in late July with a group of people scouting out some specific project we were looking to fund. There was a little girl in the corner of the room helping an older lady prepare the lunch for the kids. My boss pulled me aside and asked if I thought they were using child labor at this school. Was she a restavek? What was happening with her?

I went to her and began using my basic creole. How are you doing? What’s your name? Can I help you? Can you show me how do this (it was grinding up small fish into a paste – I had never done this before)? Do you go to school? Where do you go to school? What do you want to do when you grow up? What are your favorite things to learn about? Do you like school? Do you work in here often? How are you treated?

I was able within about 5-10 minutes to figure out that Gislene was just an average kid who was helping in the kitchen that day. She went to the school (where we were making the food), but she took turns with other children to help out. She loved school, she loved math. She was not in servitude. She was not a restavek.

But had I not been able to talk with her, I may have never known. It looked rather suspicious, but so do a lot of things in Haiti, at least to my American eyes. Knowing enough Creole to speak with her made a world of a difference that day! I give all the credit to Haiti Hub!!!

Thanks for doing what you are doing! Keep up the good work!”

– Jonathan S., Equitas Group

I am just so pleased with your online modules! For the first time I am dealing with good sound quality and an orderly way to learn this language. You have EVERY other program I have tried beat by far. And believe me, I have tried almost all of them!

– Lori R.

I have really enjoyed using the HaitiHub Creole language learning system. I think it’s a great way to learn the important features of language structure without having too heavy of an emphasis on terminology. The comprehensive package of online modules, skype classes, and the Creole Made Easy book allowed me to expand my practice nearly anywhere I go. The online support is outstanding and is a key feature of making this program reputable. I look forward to practicing these skills on the ground next month.

– Holly H., Volunteer – Operation Groundswell

I teach self-contained ESL Kindergarten in Brooklyn, NY which means that all my students are learning English as a second (third, fourth) language. This year, twelve out of twenty-six of my students are from Haiti; six of those students began the school year speaking no English at all. After classes with Haiti Hub, I was able to communicate with my Haitian students. Sure, it was at a very basic level, but it’s IMPORTANT to be able to say, “If you see your mommy, you must tell me” on the first day of school at dismissal time or “This is where you sit”. But even more than the communication opportunities HaitiHub has helped me achieve, the delight on my children’s faces as I speak in their language has really made my learning experience worthwhile.

While the curriculum was rigorous, it brought about results. And it was fun. The format was inviting and supported and challenged our on-going learning. One of my goals for the New Year 2012 is to increase my Haitian-Creole language skills. And as far as they can take me on that journey, I plan to use Haiti Hub as the backbone of my learning.

– Julie J.

Wonderful. Thank you. I’m finding the lessons a little basic for the level I’m at (I’ve worked through the Ann Pale Kreyol book) however the listening comprehension part is golden (I can read a newspaper but am at a total loss understanding speech). Also, the way the grammar rules are explained in the video are about the most helpful, clear and understandable presentation of that material that I’ve ever seen. Kudos.

I appreciate your position on humanitarian aid in Haiti, particularly what is said on your website regarding ‘greater respect for the communities that have invited you.

Mesi anpil.

– Kineta C.

As an adoptive parent of three Haitian children I have found a very valuable resource in Haitihub! Being a hubber has put life into the text book learning that I had done on my own in order to help my children hear and understand how important keeping their culture is to me. My hope is to give them the option of living in Haiti, Canada or both as they get older. Having Creole will make this worlds easier for them!

– Corrine G., Adoptive Parent – God’s Littlest Angels

I’m only two thirds into the modules but I can honestly say I’ve learned more in one month than I had in the previous 6 where I was just reading vocab lists, flash cards etc. I actually feel for the first time that I am learning how the language works!

– John M., Port au Prince Fellowship

I really like this method. It’s great to learn to read, write and speak all together, brilliant!! Congrats for devising such a great program.

– Louise L., – Batey Relief Alliance

At my age, I’m not really that excited of having to learn a new language, but I have to learn Haitian Creole for personal and business purposes. Because I was searching for something that was easy, I pretty much bought every Haitian Creole tape, book, and CD offered over the past few years. Most of them were not very helpful, in fact, with one CD, I was practicing for about one hour how to ask someone to have a glass of wine with me and how to invite them to my house. Not very helpful for a married lady! I pretty much had given up on trying to learn via CDs when I came across Haiti Hub. I thought I’d give it a try. Long story short, I have not practiced as much as I should but the program is fantastic. Not only does it have phrases I will actually be able to use, Thank you! … it explains the grammar, why the language is the way it is, has lots of interactive exercises, has people who actually have great pronunciation, and is easy to use. Great program! Thanks!

– Jeanette A., – Founder of Haiti Reads

“There is no better resource for English speakers for learning the basic rules of the Haitian Creole language than HaitiHub. Everybody that asks me, “How did you learn Creole so fast?”, I tell them part of it is that I spent a lot of time on it, but also because HaitiHub gave me a such a great start – after completing the course I knew how sentences were structured and I could just plug in new words as my vocabulary expanded.”

– Shane W., Adoptive Parent

“Wherever I go, whenever I’m dealing with Americans or Canadians, people always want to know where I learned what Creole I know. I refer them to HaitiHub because I do think in terms of actually speaking the language, HaitiHub has been the most helpful for me.”

– Janet B., – Parish Twinning of the Americas

“HaitiHub was exactly what I wanted. I wanted something that would get me thinking in Creole and give me something so that I felt confident when I got here to Haiti. And now when I’m doing one-on-one lessons with my Haitian tutor, I have the HaitiHub knowledge behind me so that I can continue to build, I know what questions to ask, and I know if the answers are what I’m really looking for.”

– Elida W., – One Mission Society

“HaitiHub has been the best learning tool that I’ve ever used. It’s been the most useful and most interesting. On my iPod I have a different Creole language tool and I would listen to it and listen to it but the conversations were something I rarely used. So while that tool helped me recognize a few more Creole words, it has not been nearly as helpful as HaitiHub. HaitiHub has given me a better understanding and more confidence, for sure. There’s another volunteer with me who’s been here for about a year. Sometimes he’ll call me over to translate and I realize, even if it’s pretty simple, yeah – I’m being asked to translate!”

– Gail B., – Healing Hands for Haiti

“HaitiHub was interactive when everything else I had tried was static. The fact that I could email or write you guys through the Modules and get an actual response…that was pretty awesome. I was blown away reading and thinking, this answers my question and goes past it. That’s what HaitiHub has beyond anything else. You can tell it’s legit. It’s real people who are behind this as opposed to a company that’s just trying to make a lot of money.”

– Kevin S., Student

“I came back from my first trip to Haiti and then discovered HaitiHub and it was fantastic! I can’t imagine a better way to teach Creole. I was struck that after a couple lessons I could make sentences! The system has given me a grasp of the grammar and vocabulary and a beginning knowledge of the language which I didn’t really feel like I got from simply memorizing phrases.”

– Laura P., Physician, Opportunities For Communities

“HaitiHub gave me a good foundation for basic conversation starters and for finding my way. For example, at the airport there was a big luggage fiasco, but with just a few sentences I was able to get some help finding a guitar. I also felt very comfortable reading written Creole. When looking at the Modules you can tell that this was put together by someone who was thinking about how to learn a language when we’re busier, maybe a little bit older, and don’t pick languages up as quickly.”

– Ken T., Engineer

“I was apprehensive when I first heard about HaitiHub. I was wondering if I would be able to learn a new language, since I had never before taken a foreign language. The step-by-step instruction of HaitiHub, however, makes it so simple and easy to learn! I’m living proof…if I can do this, anyone can!

On a recent trip to Haiti, I was amazed at how well I was able to communicate. HaitiHub gave me confidence. I had the correct sentence structure down, so that even when I didn’t know every word, I could look it up and still communicate. It also felt good to know that I could get out of a sticky situation if I needed to. The best part was the way people’s faces would light up when I spoke their language! I think that when we try to speak their language (even if it’s not perfect) Haitians feel so much more respected and really appreciate it. It opens up a whole world!”

– Debbie W., – Pleasant View Baptist Church

“I really enjoyed HaitiHub. I was really taken with it! I’m sure you have a lot of students who are obsessive about it. The reason I liked HaitiHub so much was the ability to go back and practice and review until you get it right. I do a lot of archery and in archery if you practice long enough and hard enough you’re going to hit the bulls-eye. I felt that same way with the Modules and that was really appealing to me. I like being tested. I like knowing where I am. I like knowing if I’ve done well. And if I haven’t done well, I like being able to go back and try again.”

– Laura M., – Ties That Matter

“I am loving the setup of HaitiHub modules. I started off very strong, completing a module and taking a quiz every other day. Then lack of discipline and busyness at work has slowed down my pace. BUT because of the way I learned the vocabulary and topics in the previous modules, and because I can always go back to previous modules and review, I don’t feel like I have to completely start all over again. I pick up and am still able to complete modules with relative ease.
The listening comprehension portions are priceless with respect to really understanding the language. They are the most challenging portions of each module, but definitely my favorite!”

– Nicole B., – Volunteer Missions of Hope Haiti

“I wanted to reply to let you know that I just returned from my first trip back to Haiti since completing HaitiHub’s course. I cannot place a value on being able to communicate with my son. It made such a difference! I had so much fun practicing my Kreyol with Haitians (and loved the huge smiles and looks of surprise I got when I ventured into any conversation deeper than a simple “bonjou!”). I still have a long way to go to reach the level of fluency I am aspiring to but I returned home even more motivated to continue my Kreyol studies.”

-Christina B., Adoptive Parent

“HaitiHub has helped me tremendously! I had some prior knowledge in French, and HaitiHub has made the transition VERY smooth! Thank you! If you ever need anyone to give a testimony of any sorts for the company, I would be more than willing!”

– Anna S., Volunteer, – One Mission Society

“Heading back to Haiti this Saturday. This will be my 4th trip in and I am soooo excited! I can’t wait to use what I have learned (thanks to Haiti Hub) to talk with my brothers and sisters there. Mesi, Haiti Hub!”

-Diane W., Volunteer

“I think HaitiHub is a great learning tool. 2 weeks ago I only knew “mesi” and “bonjou”. I used it as a crash course for a trip I took to Haiti last week and was amazed at how much I had learned in just one week. Listening comprehension is my biggest challenge. I’m not sure if I’ll ever get past that, but at least I was able to speak sentences and have people understand what I was saying. It was great. Thank you!”

-Marianne N.

“This is a very good way to learn creole. I recommend to anyone who wants to learn to speak this wonderful cultural language.”

– Robert H.

“Thank you! I seriously love the product you all offer. It makes it so easy to learn. It’s so broken down into little bites that make it easy to learn! I have told many people about it. It is, by far, the best resource to learn Haitian Creole. Mesi.”

– Joseph T., Volunteer, – Reach Haiti

“Thank you so so much for the response! I will likely send more questions on occasion, so thank you for allowing that! I’m feeling more motivated than ever with our trip to Haiti approaching. I love that I’m getting quicker at being able to speak it and translate… bit by bit! I just want to know MORE! 🙂 I’ll keep cruising through the modules! Thank you, mesi!”

Learner update: “I have found HaitiHub crucial in being able to communicate with my sons in Haiti and those around them. I’m full of gratitude for the program. The skype conversations were fun and invaluable.”

-Kate L., Adoptive Parent & Volunteer

“Bonswa and mesi anpil! I know I have a long way ahead of me and much more to learn, but I am so thankful for the amazing foundation and ongoing support that HaitiHub has given me in learning this language. Thanks again!”

– Julia R., Student, – Heart of Compassion

“I didn’t realize how excited I would be to actually finish – it has been a rewarding experience. I find myself “thinking” Creole! Haha I seriously sit around trying to think of how to say things and am amazed at how much Haiti Hub has taught me. Looking forward to going through it again to strengthen my Creole. Thanks again for all that you have done. May God continue to bless what you are doing! Mesi anpil!” “

-Holly O., Short Term Missions Volunteer

“I have fallen off the HH bus a little lately, but this challenge motivates me to climb back on! When I was living in Haiti this fall, I really had to credit HH with helping me be a communicating human being – I could even joke around sometimes. Watch me hit those 10s!”

– Louise L., Medical Volunteer, – Hispanola Health Partners and www.llindenmeyr.blogspot.com

“HaitiHub learning is fantastic! I am only on Module 3 but feel I have learned more than I have with any other learning method. Thanks.”

-Cecilia P., H.R. Management

“I am happy to say that the Haiti Hub lessons are more than I expected. I find that the interactive lessons on Haiti Hub are helping me more than my other resources. I especially like the variety of exercises. I have friends going to Haiti at the end of this week for a short trip. They are going to bring me some reading material that I can use in addition to the other things you recommend. Thanks for such a well developed and attention-holding curriculum.”

-Pat E., English Teacher

“I just returned Sunday from my second trip to Haiti since September. It was amazing! Who knew that being able to speak a bit with the local people would make such a difference and remove such a barrier? I was amazed! I have only completed 4 modules through the online training but is was a great start. Since the locals knew I was making an effort to learn their language, they really poured into me and helped me even further. I left Haiti understanding contractions and knowing how to ask a question. It was all so exciting!! I was even able to talk to our 11 year old daughter who lives in the orphanage (adoption in process). It was all just amazing! Thank you.”

-Ginger J., Adoptive Parent

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