Why HaitiHub?

Become a Creole Speaker!

You’ll connect deeply with others while serving a crucial role for your group and the country!
HaitiHub is the highest quality resource. Hands down.

HaitiHub’s curriculum is powered by Creole Made Easy – the best-selling, best-reviewed Creole-English textbook on Amazon.com. But this is just a launching point. All 16, online learning modules have been integrated with:

  • Video lessons
  • Audio on-demand allowing you to hear native pronunciations of vocabulary
  • Interactive writing and listening exercises
  • FAQ’s
  • Quizzes tracking your progress
  • Opportunity to speak with live language tutors

Until now, this level of learning resource has not been available to students of Haitian Creole. Nothing will have you conversing in Creole faster than HaitiHub.

HaitiHub teaches you to communicate, not just recite memorized phrases.

Unlike flashcards and phrase books, HaitiHub isn’t about memorizing. Instead, HaitiHub modules teach you how to communicate in Creole. Each lesson focuses on 1 manageable subject. The modules are accessible, complete, and move you towards Creole fluency, not rote memorization.

HaitiHub takes the guess-work out of learning Creole.

HaitiHub is your guide on the path to Creole fluency. We show you what to learn, how to strengthen it, when to move on, and where to go next. The modules are designed to test and verify your understanding of key concepts. Stick with the program and you’ll be speaking and understanding Creole in a matter of weeks. No need to guess.

HaitiHub is a Community.

It’s been said that a language is not something you learn; it’s something you join.

When you join HaitiHub, you gain access to the support, built-in accountability, and network of our constantly expanding community of Creole learners and groups invested in Haiti’s better future. You’ll experience this in Q&A forums, Haiti message boards, Facebook groups, and exclusive opportunities open only to HaitiHub alumni.

HaitiHub shows you the secrets of TRULY effective service in Haiti.

Along with our powerful language tools, HaitiHub provides all our learners with 6 multimedia trainings that reveal why some “help” in Haiti is actually harmful while other forms of help are empowering and transformational. (A big thank you to our friends at Serve Smart for their video curriculum!)

HaitiHub: Kote n’ap mete tèt ansanm! (Where we are putting our heads together!)

Speak Haitian Creole now!