Q: What is a HaitiHub Module?

A. A HaitiHub Module is an online, multimedia lesson that teaches a single Creole subject. There are 16 Modules total. Each Module combines the best in Creole curriculum with powerful video, audio by native speakers, interactive exercises, and evaluation to ensure that you are making measurable progress towards your language goals.

Q: How does HaitiHub work?

A. HaitiHub takes the best in Creole curriculum and online learning tools and places them in a carefully designed framework that keeps learners motivated and moving forward. Vocabulary and exercises reflect the current aid landscape in Haiti so that what you learn becomes immediately useful. And the continually growing HaitiHub community provides support and accountability as you push past language plateaus.

Q: How much does HaitiHub cost?

A. We currently sell 2 courses. The Complete Introduction to Haitian Creole is $129 for full access to all 16 Modules, 4 Expression Sessions, and 6 Serve Smart trainings.

The Fluency Booster modules cost $39 for full access to the 6 Modules and 6 Expression Sessions in the series (designed specifically for HaitiHub students who have already finished the Complete Intro or for Intermediate learners who are just joining HaitiHub).

If you’d like to buy both the Complete Intro AND the Fluency Booster together at the same time, the cost is $149. This is more than a 10% discount compared to purchasing the 2 courses separately.

Q: Are costs recurring (like a subscription)?

A. No, costs are NOT recurring. You only pay once for full access to the Modules. You will have access forever.

Q: Do I need to download anything?

A. No, you do NOT need to download any software or app to use the HaitiHub Modules. Any computer with internet access will be able to access the Modules. (In this sense, HaitiHub works much like web-based email providers like Gmail, Yahoo mail, etc.)

Q: Are there books or tapes?

A. You do not need any other books or tapes when using the HaitiHub Modules to learn Creole. However, when you purchase the HaitiHub Modules, a physical copy of the best-selling Creole Made Easy textbook will be sent to you as well. When working or traveling (especially in Haiti), internet access is not always available. The Creole Made Easy textbook and its included dictionary are small enough to take anywhere and comprehensive enough to be the perfect refresher when you’re away from your computer.

Q: How long does it take to learn Creole with HaitiHub?

A. It takes 8 weeks to complete the Introduction to Creole course at the pace we recommend. But since the HaitiHub modules can be completed at your own pace, a learner on a tight timeline could move through the Complete Intro series in as fast as 2 weeks.

The Fluency Booster modules take 4 weeks to complete at the pace we recommend.

Q: Will I be fluent after completing all the HaitiHub Modules?

A. After completing the HaitiHub Modules you will be able to greet others, express your needs and feelings, give instructions, make plans, draw comparisons, describe situations, ask questions, and understand the responses to those questions when spoken slowly (at what we call “foreigner-speed”). The Modules are not designed to deliver total fluency. Rather, they are designed to make learners more effective at their jobs, to deepen relationships, and to bring learners to a point in their Creole progression that they can improve on their own from real-world conversations and interactions.

Q: What if I return the HaitiHub Modules?

A. We offer a 2-week satisfaction guarantee and refund policy. Before you buy the HaitiHub Modules, we encourage you to try this Sample Module. You will be able to experience exactly what the HaitiHub learning process is like.

Q: Do you have a satisfaction guarantee?

A. Yes. If you aren’t satisfied with your HaitiHub experience, simply let us know within 2 weeks. We’ll deactivate your account and send you a full refund. No questions asked.

Q: Do you have a free trial I can sign up for?

A. Yes! Click here to try a HaitiHub Module for free!

Q: Will my iPad / iPhone / Android Phone / other tablet work with the HaitiHub Modules?

A. Yes. The HaitiHub Modules are compatible with iPad, iPhone, and iOS devices as well as all Android devices. You will need access to the internet to use the Modules as usual, but all audio, video, and interactive exercises work from these mobile devices.

Q: Can I get college credit for HaitiHub?

A. Students who successfully finish HaitiHub’s Complete Intro to Haitian Creole Course are given the materials and instruction that they need to achieve a Novice High/Intermediate Low* proficiency rating on the ACTFL OPI exam.

According to the American Council on Education (ACE) standards, a Novice High/Intermediate Low proficiency rating generally translates to 3 college credit hours.

Please contact your institutions for specific information on policies regarding ACTFL certified OPI testing as an option for language placement / credit transfer prior to registering for the test.

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