Learn these 20 words and phrases in Haitian Creole before your next trip to Haiti

Haitian Creole Phrases from the Video

Lesson 1: Greeting Someone, Sharing Names & Saying Goodbye

1. Bonjou Hello (before noon)
2. Kijan ou rele? What is your name?
3. Mwen rele… My name is…
4. N a we! See you later!

Lesson 2: Asking How Someone is Doing

5. Bonswa Hello (after noon)
6. Kijan ou ye? How are you?
7. Mwen byen I’m good
8. Bon bagay Good stuff

Lesson 3: Asking for Permission: Receiving a “Yes”

9. Mwen kapab…? Can I … ?
10. Ou vle… ? Do you want … ?
11. Wi Yes
12. Mèsi Thank You
13. Pa gen pwoblem No problem

Lesson 4: Asking for Permission: Receiving a “No”

14. Non No
15. Souple Please
16. Eskize mwen Excuse me

Lesson 5: Wants, Likes & Dislikes

17. Mwen pa konprann I don’t understand
18. Mwen renmen I like
19. Mwen pa renmen I don’t like
20. Li He / She


Practice the Vocabulary

Hello (before noon)Bonjou
What is your name?Kijan ou rele?
My name is...Mwen rele...
See you later!N a we!
You should learn the whole vocab set before moving on. Once you have memorized these first 4 words, use the + below to add a few more. You can always click the - button to take those words away again.

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