So where is Haiti?

Haiti is located in the Caribbean about 700 miles away from Miami, Florida. Haiti makes up 1/3 of the larger island called “Hispaniola” (the other 2/3 of the island is the Dominican Republic).

Haiti is less than 2 hours away from Miami, Florida

Below is a chart that lists the distances between 6 large US cities and Port au Prince, the Capital of Haiti.

Travel Time to Haiti Typical Route by plane Avg. Ticket Prices
Miami, FL 2 hours MIA⇒PAP (nonstop) $400-$500
Raleigh, NC 8-10 hours RDU⇒CLT⇒FLL⇒PAP $500-$700
New York, NY 4-7 hours JFK⇒PAP (nonstop) $450-$550
Chicago, IL 9-13 hours ORD⇒FLL⇒PAP $400-$600
Denver, CO 13-16 hours DEN⇒DFW⇒FLL⇒PAP $450-$600
Los Angeles, CA 11-16 hours LAX⇒FLL⇒PAP $550-$700

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