Learn Haitian Creole With HaitiHub

Learn Haitian Creole with the best textbook and Haitian Creole dictionary Powered by Creole Made Easy

Creole Made Easy addresses the most important Haitian Creole concepts and makes them extremely accessible. This is why it remains the best-selling, best-reviewed English-Creole text on Amazon.com now well past its 10th printing. HaitiHub Modules use the Creole Made Easy approach as a launching point so that you can learn Haitian Creole quickly and effectively.

Learn Haitian Creole phrases and the most useful Creole vocabulary with HaitiHubTargeted Vocabulary

HaitiHub’s vocabulary and exercises reflect Haiti’s current aid landscape. The words and phrases you learn in Haitian Creole will not only teach you the language’s key concepts, they will be immediately useful for you in varied development settings as well.

Learn Haitian Creole with Creole videos and audio that go from English to Haitian Creole Multimedia Tools

Each Module utilizes instructional videos, dynamic FAQ, written and spoken examples, dialogs by native Creole speakers, and interactive practice exercises to ensure that you aren’t just reading about the language. Instead, you learn Haitian Creole by hearing it, seeing it, asking about it, and speaking it from the very first lesson. The modules are accessible, complete, and move you towards Creole fluency, not rote memorization.

Learn Haitian Creole and you are no longer dependent on a Haitian Creole translator Verified learning

As you learn Haitian Creole, the final step in each module tests you and keeps track of your progress through the program. We’ll show you which questions you got right and wrong so that you’ll know when you have mastered a concept. And you’ll be able to revisit modules and test yourself as much as you want for any given subject. The material stays fresh and you keep making measurable progress.

Learn Haitian Creole with our supportive online structure. A Personal Trainer for Creole

HaitiHub doesn’t just leave you alone with a mountain of information on Haitian Creole. We’ll tell you what to learn, in what sequence, and at what pace so that you’re communicating confidently in Creole after 4 weeks.

Learn Haitian Creole as part of our online community. A Vibrant Community

The community of HaitiHub learners and alumni is growing every day. Our international network is a source of inspiration, support, and accountability as you learn Haitian Creole. A language learning community increases your chances of sticking with the program and succeeding.

Serve SmartServe Smart

HaitiHub shows you the secrets of TRULY effective service. Along with the tools to learn Haitian Creole, you’ll have access to 6 multimedia trainings that reveal why some “help” in Haiti is actually harmful while other forms of help are empowering and transformational. (A big thank you to our friends at Serve Smart for their video curriculum!)