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HaitiHub Videos allow you to hear Haitian Creole and see it spoken. We cover everything from pronunciation topics (like the nasal sounds in Creole) and common Creole prayers to everyday expressions and body language.

Check out this month’s featured video and if you like it, check out all our Creole videos for free!

Leaving soon? Our Creole 101 video is designed to get your group up to speed on the 20 most important Creole words and phrases you should know before you leave for Haiti!

Learn Haitian Creole free with HaitiHub videos
Learn Haitian Creole free with HaitiHub videos
Info Packets

HaitiHub’s Free Info Packets are crammed with useful tips, insights, and knowledge about the country. Read up on topics like Emergency Contacts or Money Matters: Gourdes, Dollars, & Sense for Work and Life In Haiti. The featured Info Packet is here on the right.

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Unlike traditional cards, our card don't focus on just one word but teach you an entire expression with authentic, native sounding syntax.

Print them off and bring them with you!

Speak Haitian Creole with Creole flashcards
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Adoptive Parents: Create A Photobook

Give your child a meaningful and personalized gift on your next visit!

Adoptive parent and HaitiHub All-Star, Conny S., shared this idea with us. It was a huge hit with her kids, so we wanted to make it accessible for anyone adopting from Haiti!

With the Creole text provided by HaitiHub, all you have to do is create!

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The HaitiHub Blog

Here at HaitiHub HQ, we think about lots of things. How can we be respectful while taking pictures in Haiti? How did Haiti get its name, anyway? What does Haitian rap tell us about politics in the country? You can read about all these topics and more over at the HaitiHub Blog. Check it out!

Language Links

We want you to succeed in reaching Creole fluency whether your learning path involves HaitiHub or not. This carefully curated list of learning tools, websites, and books from other organizations and universities may be a great fit for your needs. Click here to view the links.