You can speak Creole
with HaitiHub!
Module Lessons

Learn the basics of Haitian Creole pronunciation and word order.

Hear correct pronunciation of Haitian Creole’s 3 main nasal sounds.

Learn how tenses work in Creole and practice with the Past Tense.

Common Creole Prayers

The “Our Father” or “The Lord’s Prayer” spoken slowly in Creole.

The “Hail Mary” – an essential Catholic prayer – spoken in Creole.

The “Apostle’s Creed” – a Christian statement of faith – in Creole.

Feature Videos

Gestures and body language, Creole style! Say a lot without saying anything.

Learn exactly how the HaitiHub Module system turns you into a Creole speaker.

Speak Haitian Creole Now! The Top 20 words for your next trip to Haiti.

Expression Sessions

Learn and practice 8 of the language’s most useful, common expressions.

A second set of 8 of Creole’s most useful, common expressions.