Prepare for the Top 7 situations a new Haitian Creole learner will face!

Haitian Creole Phrases from the Video

Situation 1: Greeting Someone You Already Know

1. Sak pase? What’s up? What’s happening?
2. N ap boule! We’re good! (Lit. “We’re burning.”)

Situation 2: Someone Is Speaking Too Fast

3. Tann! Wait!
4. Repete l souple. Repeat it please.
5. Pale dousman. Speak slowly.

Situation 3: Getting People to Like You

6. Li gou! It’s delicious!
7. Bondye beni ou. God bless you.
8. Kenbe la! Hang in there!

Situation 4: Something Surprises You

9. O o, mezanmi! Oh my!
10. Mwen pa konnen. I don’t know.

Situation 5: Something Is Wrong

11. Kèt! Shoot! Dang!
12. Sa w gen la? What’s with you? (Lit. What do you have there?)
13. Pa fè dezòd! Don’t make trouble!

Situation 6: You Need to Know the Creole Word for Something

14. Kijan yo di…? How do they say…?

Situation 7: You Need to Know Where Something Is

15. Ki kote…? “Where / where is?”


Practice the Vocabulary

What’s up? What’s happening?Sak pase?
We’re good! (Lit. "We’re burning.")N ap boule!
Repeat it please.Repete l souple.
Speak slowly.Pale dousman.
You should learn the whole vocab set before moving on. Once you have memorized these first 5 words, use the + below to add a few more. You can always click the - button to take those words away again.

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