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Learn Haitian Creole. Do better work. Connect deeply. Stay safer. Involve the community. Teach your students about sustainability and give them the tools to put into practice. It all happens when you bring your students to HaitiHub!

How it works for University Groups
  1. Create your free profile on HaitiHub as a Group Admin
  2. Buy full access to HaitiHub's learning Modules for 5-30 people and enjoy custom university group pricing of $89-$99 per learner(depending on group size).
  3. Grant access to your students using just their email addresses
  4. Easily track the progress each of your students is making in real-time with access to quiz results for all learners.
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Students interested in learning Haitian Creole should contact us at (using your .edu mail address!) to learn more about special student pricing options.

You can also download this .pdf one-pager to share with your faculty adviser or college group!



See what Students & Faculty are saying about HaitiHub


"While the curriculum was rigorous, it brought about results. And it was fun. The format was inviting and supported and challenged our on-going learning."

- Julie J., Educator

"HaitiHub has helped me tremendously! I had some prior knowledge in French, and HaitiHub has made the transition VERY smooth! Thank you!"

- Anna S., Student

"I am happy to say that the Haiti Hub lessons are more than I expected. I find that the interactive lessons on Haiti Hub are helping me more than my other resources. I especially like the variety of exercises ... Thanks for such a well developed and attention-holding curriculum."

- Pat E., Educator

"Bonswa and mèsi anpil! I know I have a long way ahead of me and much more to learn, but I am so thankful for the amazing foundation and ongoing support that HaitiHub has given me in learning this language. Thanks again!"

- Julia R., Student



Learn more about earning college credit with HaitiHub through ACTFL Testing


Students who successfully finish HaitiHub's Complete Intro to Haitian Creole Course are given the materials and instruction that they need to achieve a Novice High/Intermediate Low* proficiency rating on the ACTFL OPI exam.

According to the American Council on Education (ACE) standards, a Novice High/Intermediate Low proficiency rating generally translates to 3 college credit hours**.

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Interested in learning more? Click here.

*This claim is based on the ACTFL Proficiency Guidelines for Speaking (2012).

** Students interested in receiving college credit should contact their institutions for specific information on policies regarding ACTFL certified OPI testing as an option for language placement / credit transfer before registering for the test.



Get my team started with HaitiHub group learning.
Talk to a HaitiHub Rep about your group & your learning needs.
You can jump in and do your best, knowing that mistakes... are part of the learning process. Whether you're a beginner or working towards fluency, at HaitiHub, you'll find a learning community.
I came back from my first trip to Haiti and then discovered HaitiHub and it was fantastic! I can't imagine a better way to teach Creole. I was struck that after a couple lessons I could make sentences!
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